Three Bags Full

January 8, 2013

Bright and homely, Three Bags Full is quickly becoming popular as a brunch destination for Melbournians.

The coffees, whilst not the best I’ve had in Melbourne, are decent but they are on the weaker side. Joe , the resident Chai latte reporter, informed me that the same goes for the Chai lattes. That is, they are decent but not the best. When we arrived around midday on a Sunday TBF was bustling and a queue was forming.

Once finally seated I ordered the braised lamb served with roasted red pepper, rocket , feta on fresh sourdough. Three Bags Full, you had me at brasied lamb. It was juicy, tender, melty and the juices were soaked up by the fresh,plump sourdough. T’was gorgeous.


Joe ordered the steak sandwich which whilst delicious, was not as visually glorious as the braised lamb.


Cakes & muffins are spread around the counters as I discovered to my delight when paying the bill inside. The staff are, for the most part, friendly and chatty but it’s worth trying to get there early on the weekend in order to avoid a queue. Three Bags Full offers affordablility and quality and is a fantastic spot for a brunch date.

Note from Joe: I would just like to state, for the record, that on most days I don’t necessarily look so much like the Unabomber.

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