Tom Phat (Brunswick)

September 14, 2012

Tom Phat offers a refreshing twist on the usual offerings of Sydney rd, Brunswick. The menu is comprised mostly what is now called Modern Asian and includes Thai and Vietnamese influences. After walking past the neon pink sign multiple times and finding out that they offered Asian inspired breakfast goodness, I could no longer resist.

Unfortunately I missed out on getting breakfast, which I was looking forward to in lieu of the recent offerings of bagels and eggs. I ordered the Jungle curry of braised rabbit with lemongrass, galangal, green peppercorns & chilli and a couple of roast duck rice paper rolls with shiso, basil, mint, lettuce & hoisin. Yes !

The duck rice paper rolls were the best paper rolls I have ever devoured. The rice paper was the perfect balance of stickiness and fragility. The plum sauce served on the side was terrific. I will be ordering these every time I eat at Tom Phat.

The rabbit curry had a hard act to follow. Unfortunately the curry didn’t offer any inspiration to the taste buds and was filled with the smallest bones left floating around. This made it a very arduous meal to eat . The curry itself was lacking in spice and flavour and seemed like a really dull broth or gravy with a slight peppery taste.

Tom Phat has attentive service and the rice paper rolls are definitely worth the venture. Next time I’ll be trying something a little less ambitious and trying to get in for breakfast…

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