Two Birds One Stone (South Yarra)

October 22, 2014

Two Birds One Stone is one of those on-trend cafes where you feel unhip as soon as you enter the wide open space which is lit by no less than 5 different types of un-shaded light globes floating above the small tables. The space has soaring high ceilings, beautiful décor and a few booths looming on the far wall for groups.


Once seated, the cheery waitress asked for our drink preference and within a few beats, a deep, smooth flat white was hitting my lips and Joe was gleefully sipping on his usual chai latte. The menu at Two Birds presents so many interesting interpretations on the usual brunch and lunch suspects and I struggled to make a decision – especially seeing as it was the time of day where it could either be lunch or brunch. The smashed avocado was hard to pass up but only on the premise that I would be able to steal a few bites of the rueben ordered across the way.


Mountains of smashed avocado containing lumps of feta, sprinkles of dill, bursts of capers and shallots atop of two well-toasted pieces of bread. I added an extra poached egg -what’s breakfast without a goopey yolk escaping over my toast? The avocado and feta stack was deliciously abundant and fresh, however, the toast was hard – like really hard. My flimsy butter knife could not wield enough power to break through the impenetrable crust, and as such I was reduced to just eating forkfuls of avocado and feta. Whilst forkfuls of avocado and feta are a recipe for delicious – the texture does get a bit tediously creamy after a while. If only my toast had not been so hard to chew, the dish would have been perfectly balanced.


The reuben was the real highlight at Two Birds, containing; sauerkraut, sweet corned beef, seeded mustard, swiss cheese wedged between two buttery pieces of rye toast. Chewy, sweet and slightly sour – the reuben at Two Birds, One Stone may have been one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten, playfully harmonising sweet and sour.

I would revisit Two Birds, One Stone again in order to sample the rest of their fascinating menu, although, it is worth the trip to the other side of the Yarra to just gnaw on the sweet,sweet reuben again.

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