Wonderbao (CBD)

April 21, 2013

Wonderbao has been on my radar since receiving endless praise from the Urbanspoon community. At the time of writing this post it is comfortably number 3 on the ‘most talked about’ list. I was so intent of getting my bao fix one lunchtime that I searched behind RMIT for the elusive Wonderbao to bring an assortment of bao delights to J’s office for lunch. Finding Wonderbao itself was a feat, but equipped with phone gps in hand and a fellow bloggers advice to access it through Literature Lane led me to the clique of Bao enthusiasts.


Suddenly the daunting task of choosing a few Bao for J and I to share set in when I realised that I would happily consume everything on Wonderbao’s menu. A lengthy line of students and office workers preceded me, which  I was partly thankful for as it would give me some time to plan my attack. I wanted to devour all Wonderbao had to offer. Wonderbao’s line moves efficiently and before I could compose myself to make a well-rounded order, I was umming and erring in front of the friendly cashier.

Only a mere minute or so after I’d gracelessly placed an order for Da Pork Bao, Da Chicken Bao, Char Siu Bao and the Nai Wong Bao, I had a hot little box full of Bao in my hands. I excitedly lept over to the bench which had soy and siracha condiments, gave each Bao a decent lathering (and accidentally forgot one of them was the desert custard Bao – oops)


I spent the next 10 minutes dodging the hordes of workers off to their lunchtimes, fostering hope that they wouldn’t be too cold before I arrived. I deserve a ‘best girlfriend award’ for achieving record time in crossing the CBD at peak lunchtime. They were still warm, pillowy by time and we spent lunchtime eating in a small garden. Perfection. 



The Char Siu Bao was the first to be gently torn apart, inside revealing generous slivers of pork and an almost creamy BBQ sauce. This simple favourite made for a perfect introduction to the Wonderbao genius.  This may have been the best Bao I’ve had in recent memory . It didn’t last 10 seconds.


Da Pork Bao was next in line. Delightful amounts of pork, shittake mushroom, egg and chinese sausage burst from the delicate, sweet dough. Da Pork Bao. Whilst not aesthetically pleasing in the slightest, these were enormous and I felt that one of these would make for a filling lunch. But a food bloggers peril is the need to sample as many things as possible, even it it does equate to a stomach bursting like a bao.


Da Chicken Bao was as substantial as Da Pork Bao – filled with egg and shittake mushroom. Da Chicken Bao, however, wasn’t going to be the star of the bunch even though it was an ample dose of delicious.


The Nai Wong Bao, brimming with sweet egg custard was saved for desert. Being quite full, I only managed to fit in a mouthful of this but would return to Wonderbao to attain this compact, textually delightful bao alone.


Wonderbao prides itself on offering substantial Bao, delicious and generous fillings at meager prices and our 4 baos only came to a total of $10.10. Get around it.

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